The Israel Film Service collection is available online on the Israel Film Archive website as part of a joint venture by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage under the government’s national Landmarks scheme which includes the digitisation reform towards the enhancement of national heritage infrastructures. The Israel Film Service was established in 1956 as a government unit aimed at providing a range of production services to the government’s various departments and the country’s many cultural institutions, and to spearhead and promote local documentary filmmaking on themes ranging from society, culture, and the arts to Jewish and Israeli history. Since its inception, the service has produced well over 4,000 motion pictures, television series, and infomercials which, combined, form a rich cultural and social tapestry of Israeli life. Many of the film service’s original productions were shown both in and outside of Israel and have gone on to win multiple awards – domestically and internationally. This formidable collection, comprised of thousands of original film rolls, was entrusted in the hands of the Israel Film Archive who are in charge of its digitising, scientific preservation, and long-term availability to the general public.


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Road Safety

Aliyah and Integration

Israel Defense Forces

Nature and Development

Work and Craft

Danny Dina

Portrait of an Artist


Israel Wars

The Magic Door

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