Immigrant Absorption in Practice

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The film reviews the difficulties of integration among children who recently immigrated to Israel and study at the Salmon School in Rishon LeZion. The new immigrants study alongside children who were born in Israel, and the film depicts the disconnect existing between the two groups, and the social difficulties that the immigrants experience in connecting with their Sabra peers. “I think Israelis have no patience for us,” notices an immigrant boy. Throughout the interviews in the film, the children reveal to us with much honesty and straightforwardness their difficulties of integrating in their new school. Whereas the Sabra children seem to speak in praise of group unity and uniformity, and of excluding the ‘other’ from the group, the immigrant children ask for acceptance and patience. As the girl Genia says, “For me, integration means that Israelis will understand us even if we do not behave exactly like them.”

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