Water Water

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An informational film by the Israel Film Service and the Water Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture, reviewing the various initiatives for collecting and conserving rainwater in a country where rain is scarce, through the use of drainage canals, diversion canals, dams, pumps and water towers. The film presents a variety of visual postcards from nature sites affluent with water, along with initiatives and recent developments for collecting and transporting water such as the project of the National Water Carrier of Israel, and Mekorots Menashe River Plant, which collects runoff from several streams and diverts them to a diversion canal ending in the sands of Caesarea. Another example of efficient utilization of rainwater is in Avdat, the archeological site where scientists are recreating ancient Nabataean irrigation methods in order to learn what is the best way to utilize rainwater in an arid area like Avdat.