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The Magic Door, Episode 5: Who Steals Guttman's Newspaper?

12 Minutes, 1974
TV Series
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Cast: Gideon Zinger, Mordechai Ben-Zeev, Gidi Gov
Production:Shmuel Altman
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Yaakov Eisenman
Original Music: Nurit Hirsh
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An episode of the classic childrens television show The Magic Door (Delet Haksamim), and aimed to educate children about road traffic safety. The plot centers around siblings Hagari and Yoav as they learn about road safety through various characters they encounter. Among the characters are the magician Yehoyakim Kook (played by Gideon Singer), the owner of the local pharmacy Dr. Guttman (Mordechai Ben Zeev), and his schlemiel assistant Hertzel (Gidi Gov). On the fifth episode, Mr. Guttman investigates who has been stealing his newspaper every morning. Guttman and Herzl arrive at Mr. Kooks shop to find the main suspect, Yoav. Yoav and Hagar also arrive at Mr. Kooks shop. Through a projection of the Enchanted Eye, the group locates the Paperboy, who claims that every morning he throws Mr. Guttmans newspaper to Guttmans balcony and not into the mailbox. Mr. Kook reproaches the Paperboy for cycling dangerously on his bicycle, explaining that it is forbidden to cycle while carrying a large cargo which blocks the rider’s field of vision.

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