Day and Night - At Nes Harim

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A documentary produced by the Prime Minister’s Office’s Minhal Ha’Hasbara, describing the exhausting days and tense nights of Nes Harim’s first settlers.
One of Nes Harim’s residents tells about the harsh conditions in the young settlement, located several kilometers off the Jordanian Border. The residents, Jews ofIranian and Kurdish descent, dwell in small shacks and suffer from an irregular supply of water and bread. During the day, the men work on the fields, women carry out household chores, and children go to school and later to a club (where an Ashkenazi Jew instructor is entrusted with their education). The nights in Nes Harim are tense due to the fear of fedayeen attacks from Jordan: some of the residents stand guard, while others shut themselves away in their homes, shutter their windows, and even lock their horses’ legs in chains.