The Israel Film Service Collection

Ormat - Light of the Future

13 Minutes, 1980
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Directed by: Lena Chaplin
Production Company:Israeli Film Service, Ormat Solmat
Photographer: Gregory Winitzky
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A promotional film by the Israeli Film Service on the production of solar energy in Israel by Ormat Technologies Inc, a pioneer in the field of generating electricity from alternative sources such as renewable solar energy. The film was produced in the late seventies and highlights the potential to generate solar energy instead of relying on fuel and coal based energy, and stresses the model that was innovative at the time, which is the use of solar ponds. In this method, artificial water reservoirs consisting of varying levels of salinity according to the depth of the water, produce a heat trap due to the changing concentration of salts, thus creating heat and steam that is led to a turbine that operates and activates a generator which produces electricity. The model shown in the film was abandoned after several years when it proved not to be economically viable, and Ormat turned to the field of geothermal energy.

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