The Israel Film Service Collection

Danidina, Episode 8: Going to a Birthday Party

10 Minutes, 1973
TV Series
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Directed by: Boaz Davidson
Cast: Dori Ben-Zeev, Yoav Ran, Tzvi Shissel, Efrat Freiman
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Adam Greenberg
Original Music: Shlomo Artzi, Albert Piamenta
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An episode of the childrens television show Danidina, produced by the Israeli Film Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Education, and the National Council for the Prevention of Road Accidents, aimed at educating children about road traffic safety. The plot centers around siblings Dani and Dina as they learn about road safety while going about their daily routine in their neighborhood and with their friends. In this episode, Dina and Dani go to their friend Yossis birthday party, but forget their gift for him at home. Dani hurries to collect the gift from the house, and for fear of being late for the party, he crosses the road dangerously and is almost hit by a passing car. A policeman who arrives at the scene explains to Dani the importance of regarding road traffic safety even when one is in a hurry.


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