The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive is the world’s largest collection of Jewish documentary film footage, holding over 20,000 titles on film and video. It was founded by the Hebrew University’s Institute of Contemporary Jewry in 1972 and is jointly administered with the World Zionist Organization. The vaults contain material shot in Israel before and after the establishment of the State in 1948, motion picture records of many Jewish communities in the Diaspora, and two special collections relating to the Holocaust.  Subjects that can also  be found include early Zionism and the State of Israel, home movies of both Israeli and diaspora Jewry and private collections of filmmakers including Yaakov Ben Dov, and Baruch Agadati. The entire catalogue is accessible online, as well as over 2000 films. The Spielberg Archive maintains a Documentation Center containing print materials and still photographs relating to Jewish, Israeli, and Yiddish film which is now also accessible online through its catalog.  It is the Archive’s hope that this effort will be of benefit to all users, whether for purposes of study, research, or production.

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42:6 - Ben Gurion

Directed by David Perlov, 1969

103 min.

Short Film

48 Hours a Day

Directed by Victor Vicas, 1949
48 שעות ביממה

24 min.


A City Named Eilat

Directed by Edgar Hirshbain, 1963
עיר ושמה אילת

26 min.


A Collection of Archive Footages

אוסף קטעי ארכיון

29 min.


A Dream Demands Struggle

Directed by Dan Wolman, 1974
חזון דורש מאבק

9 min.



[עליית שארית הפליטה]

3 min.


[Funeral of Moritz Wachtel]

[הלוויתו של מוריץ’ וכטל]

3 min.

Home Movie

[Home movie : Mandel]

Directed by Irving Mandel , Martha Mandel, 1947
[סרט ביתי: מנדל]

25 min.


[Jerusalem, Hebron]

[ירושלים, חברון]

20 min.


[Masada shall never fall again]

[שנית מצדה לא תיפול]

5 min.

Public Announcement

[Safety Measures in the event of an Air Raid] 

[כללי בטיחות במצב של הפצצה אווירית]

4 min.

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