The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive Collection


25 Minutes, 1976
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Directed by: Eli Cohen
Production:Micha Shagrir, Dan Arazi
Production Company:Kastel Communications Ltd.
Original Music: Shlomo Grunich
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

The director Eli Cohen accompanies the filming of the film himself and occasionally gives instructions to the team about what and how to shoot. A general view of the arid steppe (The Arava region), with a settler in the area excited about the future, a military helicopter arrives at Ktura for the citizenship ceremony of the place, the raising of the flag, happy and excited soldiers and settlers, Kaveret band performs at the ceremony. Children on the grass fly kites. The importance of water to the region and the ways to produce it. Bedouins draw water from a well. Road development in the area, a theater class in the kibbutz, routine life centered around agricultural work and communal life, construction work, and eating together in the dining room. The director continues his instructions to the team.


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