Nissim Mossek is a director, screenwriter, and editor. His documentaries are typically of a social and/or political nature and tone. Mossek was one of the directors of legendary documentary series, Pillar of Fire that was produced for Israel’s public broadcaster, Channel 1, and that aired in 1981. Highlights of his film credits include To Conquer the Mountain or Die: The Life of Menachem Begin (1994); Have you Heard About the Panthers? (2002) which won him the Culture and Arts Council award, and an award at the Haifa Film Festival; Adolph Eichmann – The Secret Memoirs (2002); Shalom Abu Bassem (2004) that won Best Editing at the Haifa Film Festival, and The Electric Stage: A Rock ‘n Roll Legend (2008).


Prison Ltd.: Prison Privatization

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 2008
אסירי קבלן

60 min.


The Electric Stage, A Rock 'N' Roll Legend

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 2008
הבמה החשמלית
English subs.

82 min.


Citizen Nawi

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 2007
האזרח נאווי
English subs.

82 min.


Salvador – The Ship of Shattered Hopes

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 2006

82 min.


Shalom Abu Bassem

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 2004
שלום אבו באסם

74 min.


Have you Heard About the Panthers?

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 2002
שמעת על הפנתרים?

127 min.


Adolph Eichmann: The Secret Memories

Directed by Alan Rosenthal, Nissim Mossek, 2002
אדולף אייכמן: הזיכרונות החסויים

108 min.


To Conquer the Mountain or Die: The Life of Menachem Begin

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 1999
מנחם בגין: לכבוש את ההר או למות

53 min.


Rabin Remembers

Directed by Nissim Mossek, 1998
ישראל במלחמה: זוכרים את רבין
English subs.

57 min.


I'm Your Spy

Directed by Nissim Mossek, Danny Verete, 1997
אני המרגל שלך

52 min.

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