The Electric Stage, A Rock 'N' Roll Legend

82 Minutes, 2008
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Directed by: Nissim Mossek
Production:Nissim Mossek
Production Company:Blues Productions, Tel Aviv
Photographer: Meni Elias
Original Music: Shlomo Mizrachi
Language: Hebrew
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In the late 1960s, Jerusalem witnessed the rise of a new rock ‘n roll band named The Electric Stage. Initially, the band members were comprised of American students and local, Jerusalemite session players from the surrounding neighbourhoods. However, when the Americans all went home, only four members remained: they were Dubi Aldema, Shalom Ben-Yakar, Eli Tubul, and Shlomo Mizrahi. The boys played Hendrix cover versions, opened for the country’s then-biggest music stars such as Svika Pick and others, before going their separate ways just three years later, without leaving so much as a single surviving recording behind. Director, Nissim Mossek who, at the time was aware of the band’s work, sets out to reconnect with its former members – all of whom were now well into their sixth decade – with the intention of organising a live reunion gig that would be recorded and subsequently released. This narrative arc enables Mossek to make a mainstream documentary film that uses both archive footage and honest documentation which successfully explores everything that has changed for his protagonists – and the city of Jerusalem – between the late sixties and 2008.

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