Have you Heard About the Panthers?

2 hour and 7 Minutes and 48 seconds , 2002
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Directed by: Nissim Mossek
Production: Herzliya Studios, Blue Rose Productions, Jerusalem

In 1971, Nissim Mossek directed an underground protest film titled Have you Heard About the Panthers? in which he explored the Israeli Black Panthers movement. For years, Mossek presumed the film was lost, that is until a rare copy suddenly surfaced at the Jerusalem Cinematheque’s Film Archive. And so, at the turn of the 21st century, Mossek finds himself revisiting these old stories and the movement’s most prominent members – Charlie Biton and Saadia Marziano – as he sets out to discover what has changed in the three decades that have passed since the original film was shot. Did the Black Panthers’ protest end up having any impact? Were its social agendas and messages received and internalised by Israeli society in the end? The film won the NFCT (New Fund for Cinema and TV) Script Development Prize at the Haifa International Film Festival.

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