Almost friends

1 hour and 11 seconds , 2014
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Directed by: Nitzan Ophir, Barak Heymann
Production: Heymann Brothers Films

Two young girls strike up an online friendship. Samar, 12, the child of an Arab-Israeli mother and a Palestinian father from the Occupied Territories lives in Lod; an ethnically-mixed city bogged down by poverty and crime. Meanwhile Linor, 11, was born in the (since-disbanded) Gush Katif settlement block of the Gaza Strip and now lives in Tlamim – a small religious community in the southern Hevel Lakhish region. And whilst Lod and Tlamim are a mere 67km away from each other, a gaping national, cultural, and ideological chasm separates the two communities. The tech-driven educational scheme that begins with an innocuous chat and leads to an eventual, real-life meeting adds a new element to the girls’ lives – one that is as thrilling as is it stressful and surprising – as they and their families soon find themselves at the heart of a complex and most profound experience.

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