Avraham Mor was an Israeli actor and voice talent. A founding member of the Green Onion (‘batzal yarok’) entertainment troupe, Mor took his first professional steps on stage as a theatre actor when he joined the ranks of the Ohel Theatre. He later went on to nab a string of roles at numerous Cameri and Haifa theatre productions, before becoming primarily attached to the Habima National Theatre for the remainder of his career. Highlights of his stage credits include The Megillah, Kazablan, Sephardic Garden (aka ‘bustan Sephardi’), The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Emperor’s Clothes, Marius, Death of a Salesman, Quartet, The Spotted Tiger, The Life Before us, and A Visitor’s Guide to Warsaw.
Mor is also fondly remembered for his roles as Grandpa Nahman in the long-running Israeli children’s programme, Lovely Butterfly (‘parpar nechmad’), and as Kuba in Boaz Davidson’s 1986 cult film, Alex is Lovesick. Highlights of Mor’s other TV credits include Carousel, Sesame Street, Downton Precinct, Life isn’t Everything (aka ‘ha-chaim ze lo ha-kol’), and Shtisel.
Highlights of his film credits include Moishe Air-Condition (Uri Zohar, 1966), Fortuna (aka Seduced in Sodom) (Menahem Golan, 1966), Motive to Murder (Peter Freistadt, 1966), Sinai Commandos: The Story of the Six Day War (Raphael Nussbaum, 1968), Murder C.O.D. (Assi Dayan, 1973), Only Today (Ze’ev Revach, 1976), Kuni Lemel in Cairo (Joel Silberg, 1983), Lend me your Wife (Ze’ev Revach, 1989), The Quarry (Ron Ninio, 1990), The Last Love of Laura Adler (Avraham Heffner, 1990), The Italians are Coming (Eyal Halfon, 1996), and Henry’s Dream (Eitan Green, 2003).


Henry's Dream

Directed by Eitan Green, 2004
חלומו של הנרי

110 min.


Laura Adler's Last Love Affair

Directed by Avraham Heffner, 1990
אהבתה האחרונה של לורה אדלר
Rental English subs.

99 min.


The Quarry

Directed by Roni Ninio, 1990

85 min.


Lend Me Your Wife

Directed by Zeev Revach, 1989
תלווה לי את אשתך
Rental English subs.

94 min.


Alex is Lovesick

Directed by Boaz Davidson, 1986
אלכס חולה אהבה
Rental English subs.

83 min.


Only Today

Directed by Zeev Revach, 1976
רק היום

92 min.


Sinai Commandos: The Story of the Six-Day War

Directed by Raphael Nussbaum, 1967
המטרה טיראן
English subs.

104 min.


The Simhon Family

Directed by Joel Silberg, 1964
משפחת שמחון
Rental English subs.

88 min.

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