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Henry's Dream

110 Minutes, 2004
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Directed by: Eitan Green
Cast: Menashe Noy, Helena Yaralova, Yonatan Hashiloni
Production:Uri Sabag
Production Company:Paralite Productions, Ltd., Tel Aviv
Photographer: Yaron Scharf
Original Music: Yonatan Bar Giora
Language: Hebrew
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Forty-something-year-old Henry Attias is the university film department’s equipment depot manager. After clashing with a faculty member, he decides to realise an age-old dream and direct a film. With the help of the department’s students, and the backing of his wife and son, he embarks on a journey that will confront him with all the barriers and walls he has erected around himself throughout his life. As with all other Eitan Green films, here too, the director undertakes an exploration of family dynamics – this time, turning the spotlight on the fathers and sons relationship – which in turn, lead his protagonists down a path of rebirth. In this film, all of these dramas and conflicts are articulated through an elegant, wholesome script without so much as a single, redundant plotline, and complemented with careful, meticulous stylising. And though emotions may run a bit on the reserved side of the spectrum, in no way does that derogate from the viewer’s ability to empathise and relate to Green’s protagonists

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