Only Today

92 Minutes, 1976
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Directed by: Zeev Revach
Cast: Zeev Revach, Jacques Cohen, Avraham Mor, Efrat Lavie, Ilan Dar, Raphael Klatchkin, Tikva Aziz, Yaakov Banai, Gideon Zinger, Yaakov (Yankale) Ben Sira
Production:Yosef Zovida, Shimon Armeh
Production Company:Youz Films
Photographer: David Gurfinkel
Original Music: Yair Rozenblum
Language: Hebrew
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Actor Zeev Revach’s directorial debut was a ‘Bourekas’ comedy – an immensely popular genre of ‘lowbrow’ working-class comedies and melodramas that dominated Israeli cinemas in the seventies. The film itself was a bona fide local blockbuster and was watched in cinemas by almost half a million viewers. Prolific cinematographer David Gurfinkel was at the helm behind the camera whereas the score, including the hit song ‘Good Days’ (‘yamim tovim’), was composed by Yair Rosenblum.
Sasson (Zeev Revach), a greengrocer at Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market, is having an affair with a doctor’s wife – which is how he is able to get a mate of his, an appointment to be examined. Along the way, Sasson also ends up falling for Dalia (Efrat Lavie), not realising that she is in fact the daughter of his best friend. Dalia herself is engaged to Alexander (Ilan Dar), a bland stuffy Ashkenazi barrister who is always disrespectful to her and wants to leave her. Sasson tries to get the couple to reconnect: he pretends that he is ‘Sasson the Assassin’ from the mob and forces Alexender, a-la Cyrano de Bergerac, to write her an apology letter. But the ones who end up connecting in the end are Sasson and Dalia.

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