Beautiful Troubles

89 Minutes, 1976
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Directed by: Assi Dayan
Production:Naftali Alter
Production Company:Berkey-Pathe Humphries Ltd.
Photographer: Yaackov Kallach
Language: Hebrew
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Actor-director Assi Dayan’s comedy of errors which falls under the heading of Israel’s immensely popular 1970s ‘Bourekas’ film genre [primarily working-class comedies and tearjerking melodramas – EE], was a smash hit at the box office, bringing in more than 400,000 viewers to cinemas across the country. Assi Dayan and Naftali Alter, his regular writing partner throughout the seventies wrote the script, hoping for a blockbuster in the form of a hit working-class comedy after Saint Cohen, their previous film together, earned critical acclaim but ultimately tanked at the box office.
The storyline follows a Ramat Gan [city neighbouring Tel Aviv – EE] landlord who has rented out the same room to two different people – a runaway bride who left her groom at the altar, and a women’s hairdresser with a voracious sexual appetite. The two hit it off and start a relationship. The plot thickens when the parents of the runaway bride and those of the jilted groom hire a private detective to try and locate her.

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