Rivka Michaeli is an actress, comedienne, singer, TV presenter, and radio host. Michaeli started out presenting radio programmes on Israeli radio station, Kol Israel. In the 1960s and ‘70s she was a regular on a number of entertainment and variety shows with the most memorable one being Yaldut Kasha (‘rough childhood’), in which she co-starred with Yossi Banai. In the 1970s, Michaeli hosted Israel’s annual radio music festival (The Israel Song Festival), and also appeared in legendary satire programme, Nikui Rosh (‘head clearing’). In the eighties, Michaeli was the host of popular TV show, Siba Le’Mesiba (‘cause for celebration’) between 1986-1990. Highlights of Michaeli’s TV credits include The Brown Girls, Shabatot VeHagim (‘weekends and holidays’), the Israeli remake of Golden Girls, Where Do You Live?, Elisha, and Ze lo HaGil (‘it’s not the age’). Her film credits include Fish, Football and Girls (Uri Zohar, 1968), The Big Dig (Ephraim Kishon, 1969), Beautiful Troubles! (Assi Dayan, 1976), Amazing Grace (Amos Guttman, 1992), Im Hukim (‘with rules’) (Dover Kosashvili, 1997), The Glow (Yigal Bursztyn, 2003), Life is Life (Michal Bat-Adam, 2003), and Dr. Pomerantz (Assi Dayan, 2011). Her performance in Julie Shles’ Joy (2005) earned Michaeli a Best Supporting Actress Ophir award.
Beyond her film and television body of work, Michaeli has also been a stage regular in Israel’s top theatres including Habima, the Cameri, and Beit Lessin. In 2018, she was named the laureate of a Lifetime Achievement Award at that year’s Israeli Theatre Awards ceremony.


The Secrets

Directed by Avi Nesher, 2007
Rental English subs.

126 min.


Life is LIfe

Directed by Michal Bat-Adam, 2003
חיים זה חיים
Rental English subs.

90 min.


The Glow

Directed by Igal Bursztyn, 2002

86 min.

Student Film

With Rules

Directed by Dover Kosashvili, 1998
עם חוקים

36 min.


Amazing Grace

Directed by Amos Guttman, 1992
חסד מופלא
Rental English subs.

99 min.


Summertime Blues

Directed by Yaki Yosha, 1984
מכת שמש

85 min.


Beautiful Troubles

Directed by Assi Dayan, 1976
יופי של צרות

89 min.


The War after the War

Directed by Micha Shagrir, 1969
המלחמה לאחר המלחמה

93 min.

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