Yona Elian-Keshet is a theatre, film, and television actress. On completing her studies at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Theatre Arts, Elian soon found work in film and in theatre. In 1972, she had her big break when George Obadiah cast her as the lead in his box office hit, Nurith, which drew over 700,000 viewers to cinemas. Whilst filming Nurith, Elian met her future husband; singer and actor, Sassi Keshet. Elian-Keshet has appeared on just about every repertoire theatre stage in the country, and in recent decades, she has become synonymous with the Beit Lessin Theatre. On television, she was on the much-beloved children’s programme, 3, 4, 5 Va’hetzi (‘3, 4, 5 and a half’) starring alongside husband, Sassi Keshet. Elian also appeared in the TV series Kastner Trial, Merhav Yarkon (‘Yarkon precinct’), Zinzana, and Sabri Maranan. Highlights of her film credits include The Bull Buster (George Obadiah, 1973), Beautiful Troubles! (Assi Dayan, 1976), Street 60 (George Obadiah, 1976), Last Winter (Riki Shelach Nissimoff), On the Fringe (Ze’ev Revach, 1987), Lend me your Wife (Ze’ev Revach, 1989), and Desperado Square (Benny Toraty, 2001).


Desperate Square

Directed by Benny Toraty, 2000
כיכר החלומות

97 min.


Lend Me Your Wife

Directed by Zeev Revach, 1989
תלווה לי את אשתך
Rental English subs.

94 min.

Short Film

Day off

Directed by Tzipi Trope, 1978
יום חופש

55 min.


Beautiful Troubles

Directed by Assi Dayan, 1976
יופי של צרות

89 min.


Take Two

Directed by Baruch Dienar, 1973
הצד השני

86 min.

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