Take Two

86 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: Baruch Dienar
Cast: Yona Elian, Shari Smith, Gadi Yagil, Uri Levi
Production:Baruch Dienar
Photographer: Adam Greenberg
Original Music: Noam Schriff
Languages: English, Hebrew
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Baruch Dienar’s Take Two (“the other side” in its original Hebrew title) is a notable departure from his earlier hit film, They were Ten. In They were Ten which was made in 1960, Dienar sought to paint an idyllic picture of Jewish communities in Israel whereas Take Two, on the other hand, is for all intents and purposes part of Israeli cinema’s then-emergent New Sensitivity film movement. It is a self-reflexive film at the centre of which is Doron – an advert director who is leading a typical glamorous, hedonistic, and vapid advertising executive lifestyle. One day, he meets Sunny: an American tourist and photographer who will transform his days and nights that mostly revolve around filmmaking and sexual conquests. The film, which is mostly English-speaking, was a major box office flop when it was first released in Israel in 1972. However, it does make for quite the interesting viewing experience all these years later. In Take Two, Diener references both US and European films of the 1960s in the storyline, the sexual freedom it portrays, the stylised cinematography which makes Tel Aviv look like Paris or New York City, and a light, breezy pop soundtrack in line with the mood of the period.

ביקורת של נתן גרוס, על המשמר, 02/03/1973

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