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Desperate Square

97 Minutes, 2000
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Directed by: Benny Toraty
Cast: Mohammad Bakri, Yona Elian, Yosef Shiloach, Uri Gavriel, Nir Levi, Ayelet Zurer, Baruch Sasson, Yonatan Dani, Shlomi Saranga
Production:Amir Harel, Haim Manor
Production Company:ת.מ.ה הפקות
Photographer: Dror Moreh
Original Music: Shem Tov Levi
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

On the anniversary of Morris Mandabon’s death, his son Nissim (Nir Levy) has a dream in which his late father orders him to reopen the cinema he had closed down 25 years earlier. The Mandabon brothers, Nissim and George (Sharon Reginiano) decide to relaunch the cinema with a screening of Indian film classic, Sangam, starring Indian film idol, Raj Kapoor – much to their mother’s (Yona Elian) dismay. However, they must first do some digging and find out who owns the now-rare copy of the film. Soon, all the neighbourhood locals get caught up in the adventure, in the course of which the brothers uncover details previously unknown to them about their own family’s past.

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