Lend Me Your Wife

94 Minutes, 1989
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Directed by: Zeev Revach
Production:Abbey Nahum, Yaakov Havy
Photographer: Amnon Salomon
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A married couple decides to quit the rat race and hit the reset button. They buy a restaurant in the Sodom region and dream of getting rich off the backs of southbound holidaymakers en route to Eilan – only to discover that their new business isn’t even on the motorway but in fact, on a remote side road. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the blasted road already has an up and running restaurant, owned by an attractive widow who, in and of herself, is an asset and selling point for the place. Hoping to take a chunk out of the older restaurant’s business and poach their clientele, the spouses decide that the wife would present herself as a beautiful widow whereas her husband would pretend to be her brother. Indeed, their business takes off big time but soon, the relationship between the two starts to strain. The end result, in true lowbrow ‘Bourekas’ genre tradition, is a spectacular comedy of errors.

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