Arnon Zadok is an actor, screenwriter, and director. A graduate of the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts, Zadok took his first steps in the business appearing in a string of plays at the Orna Porat Children’s Theatre, and the Haifa and Beit Lessin theatres.
Zadok’s eminent film career includes, amongst other things, appearing in six of director Uri Barbash’s films, including Beyond the Walls (1984) which earned him an Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film Category. In the film, Zadok played the lead, Uri – a part that won him a Best Actor Award from the Israeli Film Academy. He would reprise the role eight years later in the sequel, Beyond the Walls II (Uri Barbash, 1992).
Highlights of his other film credits include Morning Star (Akiva Barkin, 1980), Not for Airing (‘lo l’shidur’) (Yeud Levanon, 1981), Stigma (Uri Barbash, 1982), Once we were Dreamers (Uri Barbash, 1987), One of Us (Uri Barbash, 1989), Doomsday (aka Freedom: The Voice of Ein Harod) (Doron Eran, 1990), Cold Feet (Doron Eran, 2006), Marriage Agreement (Menahem Golan, 2008), Restless (Amos Kollek, 2008), Melting Away (Doron Eran, 2011), and The Ballad of the Weeping Spring (Benny Toraty, 2012).
Highlights of his television credits include Late Night Stories, The Saturday Morning Murder, Asfur, Chill, and the sitcom The Azzany’s – which he also directed.
In the second half of the 1990s, Zadok started branching out into film directing, usually collaborating with producer, Doron Eran. Highlights of his directorial credits include White Night (1995) that won a Youth Award as part of the C.annes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight section, Ingil (2001), To Be a Star (2003), Wild Dogs (2007), Nika (2011), and The Red Hood Setup (2014).


Wild Dogs

Directed by Arnon Zadok, 2007
רק כלבים רצים חופשי

101 min.



Directed by Shmuel Imberman, 1993
מנת יתר

95 min.


The War After

Directed by Uri Barbash, 1991
זמן אמת

105 min.


Where Eagles Fly

Directed by Uri Barbash, 1990
דרך הנשר

102 min.


Torn Apart

Directed by Jack Fisher, 1990
אהבה אסורה

94 min.


Freedom: The Voice of Ein-Harod

Directed by Doron Eran, 1990
הדרך לעין חרוד
Rental English subs.

92 min.


One of Us

Directed by Uri Barbash, 1989
אחד משלנו
Rental English subs.

112 min.


Not for Broadcast

Directed by Yeud Levanon, 1981
לא לשידור

85 min.

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