How I Learned to Overcome my Fear and Love Arik Sharon

1 hour and 1 Minutes and 28 seconds , 1997
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Directed by: Avi Mograbi

Ahead of the 1996 Israeli general election, Avi Mograbi embarks on a documentary film project, the subject of which is Ariel (aka Arik) Sharon, possibly Israel’s most maligned politician of the time – but also a hero in the eyes of many; a former cabinet minister in past Likud governments, combat fighter, and a legendary military officer. Mograbi, who refused to serve in the Lebanon War as a conscientious objector, enters into this project convinced that the war – in all its shambolic, bloodied consequences – was Sharon’s own brainchild. Nonetheless, in the course of filming, an altogether unexpected version of Sharon emerges. Mograbi learns, much to his surprise, that Sharon is in fact a kind and warm individual; a starkly different image to the one he’d had of his subject for the longest time.

לאסופה "אבי מוגרבי: מציאות יוצרת שפה"

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