95 Minutes, 1975
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Directed by: Boaz Davidson
Production:Simcha Zvuloni
Production Company:Filmonde Co. Ltd.
Photographer: David Gurfinkel
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English

Despite overall scathing reviews, upon its release, Snooker drew over 600,000 filmgoers to cinemas by the droves, and later on cemented its status as a timeless cult classic – it is shown on Israeli television, annually, and is quoted regularly by audiences who tune in to watch it time and again, and by new viewers who are only just discovering it for the first time.
Chanuka and Gavrie are a pair of common criminals who have been conning unsuspecting individuals in snooker games, that is until they land themselves in hot water with the mob. To repay a debt neither of them can afford, Gavrie must reach out to his twin brother, Azriel, who is his absolute polar opposite. From that point on, in true bourekas film form, the plot only thickens in a series of identity swaps and other typical comedy of error tropes – all of which culminate in resolution and marriage. The film has spawned several colloquialisms that have since earned themselves a permanent place as staples of Israeli culture and modern spoken Hebrew, including: “wowsa, what a meatball,”, “will the honorable gentleman take it away,” “wowsa, every lens, a microscope,” and “who are the ten righteous men who, in life, were already promised eternal life in heaven.”

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