The Legend of the Silent Man

1 hour and 31 Minutes and 37 seconds , 1998
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Directed by: Doron Nesher
Production: Shoval Film Production
Cast: Shmil Ben Ari, Israel (Sasha) Damidov

Doron Nesher presents a slice of film comedy, told from the point of view of a 10-year-old nameless and parentless girl. The child, who is out on the streets begging, latches on to Shlomo – a fellow beggar who has lost the plot and has been going around claiming he is in fact the Messiah’s watchmaker. The pair end up in an abandoned house where another beggar lives – he is Meir Loya who became a paraplegic ten years ago and is now growing weed at the local cemetery. Miraculously, the trio end up with a winning lottery ticket, but with the huge windfall that falls into their lap also comes a host of fresh, unexpected trouble.

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