Gur Bentwich is a director, screenwriter, and actor. Bentwich attended Tel Aviv University where he studied at the Department of Film and Television Studies. In 1991, he directed The State of Lettuce, his graduation film project in which one can already observe the majority of themes that would later recur in all his subsequent feature films: Tel Aviv-centric storylines, oddball characters, drugtaking, and a touch of surrealism. In 1995, Bentwich directed his debut feature film, Planet Blue – an outlandishly surreal road movie that quickly shot to cult status, garnering a loyal fan following. The film became a fixture at Tel Aviv’s cinematheque where it was shown regularly for years, every Friday at midnight.
Highlights of his other films include Total Love (2000), Up the Wrong Tree (2013), and The Bentwich Syndrome, a documentary film about his own family. His 2019 film, Peaches and Cream won Best Screenplay at the Jerusalem Film Festival, earning two of its cast members, Dover Kosashvili and Hadas Ben Aroya each, an Ophir award in their respective Supporting Actor/Actress categories.
Bentwich’s list of acting credits include Elad Keidan’s Afterthought (2015), as well as appearances in several of his own films, including Total Love, Up the Wrong Tree and Peaches and Cream. In 2011, Bentwich was cast as the lead in Off-White Lies, a film directed by his wife, director Maya Kenig.


Peaches and Cream

Directed by Gur Bentwich, 2019
קצפת ודובדבנים
Rental English subs.

92 min.


The Bentwich Syndrome

Directed by Gur Bentwich, 2015
סינדרום בנטביץ
Rental English subs.

68 min.


Love is blind and deaf

Directed by Gur Bentwich, Ofra Kobliner, 2014
אהבה חרשת ועיוורת

3 min.


Up the Wrong Tree

Directed by Gur Bentwich, 2013
לרדת מהעץ
Rental English subs.

94 min.

Short Film

Around Trip

Directed by Nir Matarasso, Gur Bentwich, Maya Kenig, 2008
עובר ושב
English subs.

12 min.


No Grace in Race

Directed by Gur Bentwich, 2004
שייקספיר מעורב
English subs.

4 min.


Status Quo

Directed by Gur Bentwich, Nir Matarasso, 2002
סטטוס קוו
English subs.

3 min.


Total Love

Directed by Gur Bentwich, 1999
משהו טוטאלי
Rental English subs.

80 min.


Planet Blue

Directed by Gur Bentwich, 1995
הכוכב הכחול
Rental English subs.

84 min.

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