Up the Wrong Tree

1 hour and 34 Minutes and 54 seconds , 2013
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Directed by: Gur Bentwich
Production: Movie Plus Production
Cast: Gal Toren, Sarah Adler, Sasha Agronov, Gur Bentwich, Maya Kenig

Gur Bentwich’s third motion picture (Total Love, Peaches and Cream) follows the story of Nitz – a restless bum and hopeless cynic who has come back from his travels hoping to win back the girl he had left behind, and their beloved dog. When his ex unceremoniously tells him to bugger off, he finds himself – in stark contrast to his otherwise anti-political and well, anti-everything philosophy – right under his reluctant paramour’s home, stuck on a treetop and at the forefront of a green war against money-grubbing land developers and carpark tycoons.

לאסופה "תל אביב היא נמר קטן, דרך עיניו של גור בנטביץ'"

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