Total Love

1 hour and 20 Minutes and 58 seconds , 1999
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Directed by: Gur Bentwich

Gur Bentwich’s (“The Blue Star”) film, co-written with author Etgar Keret, follows three friends – Haim, Zohar, and Lily – who have concocted a new love drug that they’ve named, TLV. In addition, all three have fallen in love with the same girl, Renana. When Chaim finds out Renana has been locked up in India and is facing drug trafficking charges, he gathers his friends and the trio heads to Goa in an effort to save their shared love interest. The film offers an accurate portrayal of Israeli backpackers’ drug-fuelled, carefree lifestyle back in the 1990s when the majority of whom would head to India right after completing their military service. The film has become a bona fide cult classic over the years.

תל אביב היא נמר קטן, דרך עיניו של גור בנטביץ'. אסופה בעריכת ניסן שור טוטאל לוס, סרטו של ארז לאופר

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