Dalia Shimko is a film, television and theatre actress, and theatre director. Shimko began her film acting career as a teenager in the early ‘80s. Her early days performances made her one of the most standout Israeli film actresses of that decade. Highlights of Shimko’s acting credits include Growing Pains (Ze’ev Revach, 1980), Noa at 17 (Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, 1982), Repeat Dive (Shimon Dotan, 1982), Fellow Travellers (Judd Ne’man, 1984), Scar (Haim Bouzaglo, 1997), and She’s not 17 (Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, 2003). Her performance in Uri Barabash’s 1989 film, One of Us, won her a Best Actress award at the Jerusalem Film Festival. In the early noughties, whilst still acting, Shimko also began directing stage plays.


She's Not 17

Directed by Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, 2003
לא בת 17
Rental English subs.

100 min.



Directed by Haim Bouzaglo, 1993
Rental English subs.

98 min.


One of Us

Directed by Uri Barbash, 1989
אחד משלנו
Rental English subs.

112 min.


Fellow Travellers

Directed by Yehuda (Judd) Neeman, 1983
מגש הכסף

88 min.


Repeat Dive

Directed by Shimon Dotan, 1982
צלילה חוזרת
English subs.

89 min.


Noa at 17

Directed by Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, 1982
נועה בת 17
Rental English subs.

92 min.

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