Fellow Travellers

88 Minutes, 1983
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Production Company:Massa Film Production Ltd.
Photographer: Hanania Baer
Original Music: Rafi Kadishzon
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

A political thriller which foregrounds the moral dilemmas that already in the mid-1980s, were already beginning to surface in an increasingly fractured Israeli society.
Yoni (Gidi Gov) is a left-wing activist who has been fundraising in Germany towards the founding of a new Palestinian university. Within his political circle, other voices have calling for the money that has been raised to be funnelled towards weapons that will be used to fight “The Zionist Occupier.” Meanwhile, the Israeli Secret Service is watching Yoni’s every move. Before long, Yoni finds himself in a dangerous tailspin and is unable to make a decision. Caught in the crossfire of someone who does not know how to take a clear, conclusive stance – he ends up paying the ultimate price.

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