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98 Minutes, 1993
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Directed by: Haim Bouzaglo
Cast: Ronit Elkabetz, Robin Renucci, Mohammad Bakri, Sasson Gabai, Dalia Shimko, Israel (Sasha) Damidov, Yaakov (Yankale) Ben Sira
Production Company:סינמה פרדס, Cinemax
Photographer: Oren Schmukler
Original Music: Arkadi Duchin
Languages: French, Italian
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Haim Bouzaglo’s film is a trippy, outlandish fantasy whose protagonists are desperately seeking love in a cold, alienating world. Where they go about doing it is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere: the film moves between various cities (Paris, New York, Tel Aviv) and different languages (French, Italian, etc.), and through his blurring and interweaving of characters, coupled with the stylised black and white cinematography, Bouzaglo crafts the story of a man and woman who get together for sex in a massive underground carpark, all the while never seeing what the other looks like. When the woman later goes missing, the man starts obsessively looking for her, with the one and only identifying marker he was able to make out being the scar on her thigh. Scar took home four Ophir awards, winning Best Editing, Music, Sound Recording, and Costume Design.

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