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She's Not 17

100 Minutes, 2003
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Cast: Dalia Shimko, Maya Maron, Shmuel Shilo, Idit Tzur, Dina Doron
Photographer: Amnon Salomon
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Twenty-one years after his much-lauded film, Noa is 17, hit the big screen, director Isaac Zepel Yehurun returns to the same characters and the kibbutz movement in the sequel, She’s not 17. Where the first film looked at the early days of the crisis that gripped the kibbutz movement in the 1950s, the sequel stands as a eulogy for the whole kibbutz movement, concept, and ideology, with a focus on the crippling troubles the movement found itself in, in the nineties.
She’s not 17 opens with a motion by the movement’s General Secretary: owing to the deep debt the kibbutz has found itself in, elderly members are advised to leave and make way for “new blood”. Shraga (Shmuel Shiloh), Noa’s uncle, starts a campaign against this grim policy; he sets up a protest tent and embarks on a fight for his right to stay in the kibbutz. Meanwhile, in secret, Shraga is also fighting to stay close to Bracha (Idit Tzur), Noa’s mother with whom he is having a secret romantic relationship.
Stepping right into this already tense environment are recently widowed Noa (Dalia Shimko) who has been living in Amsterdam and her daughter, Sari (Maya Maron), who had been backpacking through India and has come back to Israel to get to the bottom of a mystery from the past. Like Noa is 17, here too, grand ideological crises end up interwoven with the characters’ own personal plights and woes.
The film won the Best Feature award at the Haifa International Film Festival.

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