Footage of Jerusalem City Parks in Autumn

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The city is draped in foliage as the camera wanders about the deserted public parks. The odd passersby is seen sat on a bench, fully clad in winterwear. This footage features so much detail that is so distinctly Jerusalemite to the point that even if there hadn’t been any voiceover narration identifying the location, one would still be able to recognise it as Jerusalem with little to no effort. For instance, [at the play area] you have the double-sided metal swings with the riding horse (also all-metal) next to them which I can still vividly remember sitting on; neither was terribly comfortable, or safe for that matter, but that didn’t make it any less of an unforgettable childhood experience as we descended upon each and every park you could find them in. Then there is all that Jerusalem stone cladding coating the fences, the bare-naked trees along the paths, behind which you can make out the local residential homes and wrapping it all up – three guards in British Mandatory attire. Having done some quick sleuthing with several long-time locals, it turns out that two of three were members of the National Guard, and the other was in fact a fulltime police officer.

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