Founding the Artists’ Colony (aka Hutzot HaYotzer)

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Footage taken from Jerusalem Reel 5, shot in 1969, featuring the start of development works on what was planned as a national park at the foot of Mount Zion and the Old City Walls (carried out by the East Jerusalem Development Company). The first item on the company’s regeneration list was the retail centre compound at the neighbourhood of Jurat el-Anab which was founded by a group of Moghrabi Jews who had sought respite from the tightly clustered life within the protected city walls. The two rows of structures seen to be undergoing restoration works in the footage will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever been to a tradesman’s shop at the Artists’ Colony, the local summer fair, or the National Park (now known as Teddy Park). According to the footage, once the regeneration works were completed, a range of craftsmen were invited to set up shop at the place, including gold and silversmiths, Gobelin carpet weavers, glassblowers, ceramicists, animators, etc.

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