Blazing Sands

98 Minutes, 1960
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Directed by: Raphael Nussbaum
Cast: Uri Zohar, Daliah Lavi, Oded Kotler , Gila Almagor, Oded Teomi, Nathan Cogan, Avraham Ronai
Production:Raphael Nussbaum
Production Company:Aero Film, Ron Ron Films Ltd.
Photographer: Yitzhak Herbst, Wolf Gothe
Languages: English,
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Raphael Nussubaum’s big screen adventure follows a group of friends who set out to rescue one of their own who had crossed the border to [then-enemy state] Jordan, on his way to Sitra (a fictionalised version of Petra) in search of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Members of the group include Dina (Daliah Lavi) and her four mates who come along on this trip with a variety of agendas including greed, scientific passion for decrypting the scrolls, but mostly passion for Dina. En route to Sitra, the gang must overcome an array of obstacles including hostile Jordanian officers and police who are on their trail.
Blazing Sands is mostly recalled for the big screen debuts of both Daliah Lavi and Gila Almagor, as well as the special guest appearance by Israeli folk duo, HaOfarim (Esther & Abi Ofarim), who performed their hit Sus Etz (‘rocking horse’) in a scene set at a nightclub. The film also stood out for being the first ever German-Israeli coproduction – and for the public uproar it caused amongst families whose loved ones had died trying to get to the Red Rock, and were demanding that the film be banned from cinemas.

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