Beyond the Nistru

66 Minutes, 2016
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Directed by: Boris Maftsir
Languages: Russian, Hebrew
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This film by Boris Maftsir is part of the director’s documentary megaproject, Searching for the Unknown Holocaust, in which he traces the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators in in the countries that comprised the former USSR.
Through a series of a raw, painful interviews with historians, witnesses, and survivors, the film delves deep into Romanians’ involvement in the Holocaust, in those towns and villages in the River Nistru area in Transnistria – the name given to the south Ukrainian region by the Germans and Romanians, after conquering the territory during World War II.
The film features bone-chilling accounts of the horrors, expulsions, pogroms, ethnic cleansing campaigns, and the great deportation from Bukovina and Serbia to the Transnistrian ghettos. However, as the dark shadows of the past continue to loom large over the local cities and villages to this day, several commemoration schemes have also emerged over the years. One such endeavour was captured in one of the film’s most unexpected moments when viewers learn of a street in the small village of Edineţ (aka Yedinitz) named Holocaust St.

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