The Guardians of Remembrance

107 Minutes, 2014
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Directed by: Boris Maftsir
Languages: Hebrew, Russian
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This film by Boris Maftsir is part of the director’s documentary megaproject, Searching for the Unknown Holocaust, in which he traces the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators in the countries that comprised the former USSR.
The film opens at the Brest Fortress, in a reconstruction of the battle that took place there in the early days of Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union – after which, the Nazis started carrying out the Final Solution across all territories taken from the Soviets. Maftsir goes around Belarus, from capital city Minsk to the small villages, and through interviews with various guardians of memory, i.e. historians and scholars, but mostly witnesses – both Jewish and non-Jewish – who recall the horrors that took place, the director shines an overdue light on these long-buried stories that, for years, went untold and unspoken.

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