Tangled Roots, Episode 3

32 Minutes, 2020
TV Series
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Directed by: Anat Zeltzer
Production:Yoav Roeh
Production Company:גם סרטים
Photographer: Ran Aviad
Original Music: Eran Vaitz
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

Creators Anat Zeltzer and Modi Bar-On’s six-episode series goes back in time to retrace the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and through a much clearer exploration of local history, sets out to highlight potential present-day and future solutions.
Episode 3 of the series is set in the period between 1929-1939, a decade during which the size of the Jewish population in Palestine shot up: going from 17% at the start of the decade to 30% by the end. Throughout the episode, host Modi Bar-on explores the parallel rise of the Zionist movement and the Palestinian national movement, and each one’s respective fight for self-determination in the land. The episode chronicles the events that led to the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in Palestine, the creation of the Tower and Stockade settlements, and the idea to divide the land into two states as raised in the Peel Commission.

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