End of the Oranges Season

121 Minutes, 1989
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Directed by: Lihi Hanoch
Production:Yitzhak Shani, Yehodit Talit, Ruth Lev Ari
Photographer: Yehiel Cohen, Amnon Zlayet, Daniel Shneur, Nili Azlan, Arik Bernstein
Language: Hebrew
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Director Lihi Hanoch presents an intimate portrait of her then-husband, celebrated Israeli musician Shalom Hanoch, shot on tour during Israel’s blazing hot summer of 1988. Between all the gigs, and through TV sets and the radio, Hanoch paints a picture of late 1980s Israel as the country was in the runup to a general election, and the first Intifada was just kicking off. The film offers viewers the chance to watch and listen to Hanoch perform some of his all-time greatest hits on tour, including Maya, Ella, Waiting for the Messiah (‘mechakim lamashiach’), Dunno Know How to Tell you (‘an lo yodea eich lomar lach’), End of the Orange Season (‘sof onat hatapuzim’), and Children of Life (‘yeladim shel hachaim’).

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