Moscow on the Mediterranean

60 Minutes, 1999
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Directed by: Yeud Levanon
Production:Yeud Levanon, Amit Goren
Production Company:Home Pictures Ltd, Tel Aviv
Photographer: Ofer Frant
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“One out of five Israeli citizens is a Russian-speaking new immigrant.” Levanon’s documentary sets out to shine a light on the men and women behind the statistics, listen to the immigrants’ stories, and explore the country’s burgeoning Russian cultural ghetto. All the while, local elections are coming up, tensions are running high in the town of Bnei Ayish between long-time residents and the new immigrants from the Soviet Union, the Russian-led, immigrant-centric ‘Yisrael Beiteinu’ (‘Israel our home’) political party is established, and the ‘Russian vote’ rises to prominence in the 1999 general election contest between Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu.

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