Smile, You’re Busted

87 Minutes, 1980
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Cast: Yehuda Barkan, Caroline Langford, Arieh Moskona, Uri Gross, Moshe (Moshik) Timor
Production:Yehuda Barkan
Photographer: Gadi Danzig, Beni Carmeli
Language: Hebrew
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The country’s first ever candid camera prank film, starring and directed by Yehuda Barkan, was a huge box office hit and was watched in cinemas by more than 600,000 viewers. Beyond all the mandatory gags and LOLs, the creators set out to capture Israelis, on film, when caught off guard and unprepared. The film features some of the most memorable classic pranks in the genre, including the one where rail passengers are asked to disembark and push the carriages themselves. Other highlights include Caroline Langford stopping innocent passersby to ask for a hug, and of course the ‘Millionth Urinator Award Ceremony,’ in honour of the jubilee celebrations of the country’s first public urinal.

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