96 Minutes, 1985
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Directed by: Nadav Levitan
Cast: Heli Goldenberg, Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, Irit Frank, Caroline Langford, Amos Lavi, Avi Kushnir, Anat Topol
Production:Nissim Levy, Harvey Edinoff
Production Company:Nachshon Films
Photographer: Marcello Masciocci
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Nadav Levitan’s film, based on a script by Assi Dayan, is a comedy set around the Israeli melting pot in a women’s basic training military base. Young women from all over the country end up at the base, including “rough as nails” Shuli (Hanna Azoulay Hasfari); the posh and entitled Niva (Chelli Goldenberg); Karen, the new immigrant from Canada (Caroline Langford); “fat” Anna who is also a new immigrant from the Soviet Union (Orna Rotenbeg), and “hippie” chick Shirley (Irit Frank). At the end of four weeks of basic training that see the girls through a mix of equally amusing and heart-breaking moments, including bullying by Division Commander, Talia (Anat Topol), the rookies who may have come from a wide range of different cultures and backgrounds emerge as a tightknit family.

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