The Day We Met

93 Minutes, 1990
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Directed by: Sam Firstenberg
Cast: Yehuda Barkan, Michal Yannai, Rami Danon, Zachi Noy, Arieh Moskona, Sharon Alexander, Mushon Alboher, Danuta Lato
Production:Yehuda Barkan
Production Company:Roy Productions
Photographer: Amnon Salomon
Language: Hebrew
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Arik Schwartzman (Yehuda Barkan) is called up for army reserve duty at a military police base where he is teamed up with Natalie (Michael Yannai) – a young soldier and new immigrant from France. The two join forces in an operation to apprehend the ‘Uniformed Rapist’ – the nickname given by the media to a mystery man who has been going round the country, impersonating a high-ranking lieutenant colonel, and sexually assaulting female soldiers. The film leans into two primary moods: hilarious situations that ensue as a result of the tensions and hostility between the strict and vindictive drill sergeant (Rami Danon) and his troublemaking company of reservists of whom he is in command; and those melodramatic milestone moments in Natalie and Arik’s burgeoning relationship. Natalie, we soon learn is trying to locate her birth father whom she’s never met whereas Arik, whose ex emigrated years ago whilst pregnant, only knows that somewhere out there he might have a son or daughter whom he’s never laid eyes on. Little do the two realise that they are in fact looking for each other.
Leading the film soundtrack is French singer, Alan Barrière’s song ‘Elle était si jolie.’

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