The Fox in the Chicken Coop

91 Minutes, 1978
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Directed by: Ephraim Kishon
Production Company:HaShualim Movies Ltd.
Photographer: David Gurfinkel
Original Music: Nurit Hirsh
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

Ephraim Kishon’s fifth feature film failed to achieve the same levels of success as its four predecessors and went on to become Kishon’s final directorial effort. The film is a big screen adaptation of Kishon’s 1955 satirical novel, Ein Kamonim. At the heart of this political satire is Amitz Dolniker – an ageing Israeli Labour (then ‘Mapai’) party wheeler and dealer who collapses during a speech to party members. Whilst lying in the ambulance on his way to hospital, Amitz has a dream. In his dream, he arrives at the village of Ein Kamonim where the locals lead a quiet and peaceful life as equals; an existence devoid of any political system which renders the likes of him all but redundant. In an effort to march the village forward with the times, Dolniker pushes for local elections to be held so that a village leader (‘mukhtar’) may be elected and in the process, turns all the local residents against each other. Bit by bit, the villagers start coming into their own as political animals in their own right, but little does Dolniker realise that the monster he helped to create is about to turn on its maker.

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