Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer

93 Minutes, 1976
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Directed by: Assi Dayan
Production:Naftali Alter, Yitzhak Shani
Production Company:Berkey-Pathe Humphries Ltd., Fifty Fifty
Photographer: Yaackov Kallach
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Despite getting slammed by the critics, Assi Dayan and beloved Israeli comedy trio, HaGashash HaHiver’s (‘the blind tracker’) anarchistic military comedy drew over 670,000 filmgoers to cinemas when it first opened and later, became a bona fide cult classic. Sergeant Major Gingee heads up to Tel Aviv from his Sinai military outpost to conscript one Sergio Constanza – a reserve duty draft dodger. En route, he stops over at Victor Hasson’s home to ask for his daughter, Yaeli’s hand in marriage. However, Hasson won’t give his blessing to his youngest daughter’s nuptials until her older and much less attractive sister, Shifra, has also found herself a husband. The trio – Gingee, Hasson, and Constanza end up together at a military outpost down south in Sinai where chaos is running rampant. The film has spawned some of the most frequently quoted lines in Israeli film history including, “you’ve come to Sergio – you weren’t wrong!”, “I don’t get why the Egyptians would possibly want to come here in this heat,” “A people of well-read ignoramuses!” and, “Bulle Bulle, where are you?!”

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