The Children Of Teheran

57 Minutes, 2007
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Directed by: Yehuda Kaveh
Production:Dalia Guttman, David Tour
Language: Hebrew
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The film follows the hitherto untold story of around 700 Jewish children during World War II: from their escape from Occupied Poland to their final destination of Palestine in 1943, at the end of their long and arduous journey across the USSR and Tehran. Their arrival in the country was one of the local Jewish community’s first ever encounters with a group of Holocaust survivors on a scale so large. Through archive footage and the children’s video testimonials (who, at the time of filming, were already adults), a light is at last shone on the far lesser known tale of ‘the children of Tehran’ – yet another piece of the chilling puzzle that is the memory of the Holocaust. This film is the only documentation of this heroic affair.

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