David Tour is a producer and editor. Tour began his editing career in the early 1970s. Before long, he’d made a name for himself editing two Israeli pop culture staples: the second series of Lool (1970) (featuring the comedy troupe of the same name) which he co-edited with Danny Shick, and the cult classic, Halfon Hill Doesn’t Answer (Assi Dayan, 1976).
Highlights of his producer credits include The Real Game (Avi Cohen, 1980; co-producer: Amos Mokadi), Green Fields (aka Greenfields) (Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, 1989), Actors (Ron Ninio, 1995; co-producer: Riki Shelach Nissimoff), and The Children of Teheran (Yehuda Kaveh, 2007: co-producer: Dalia Guttman).
Highlights of his editing credits include Ben Gurion Remembers (Simon Hesera, 1972), Saint Cohen (Assi Dayan, 1975) which won a Special Jury Prize at the San Remo Film Festival, Paratroopers (Judd Ne’eman, 1977), The Winchell Affair (Avraham Heffner, 1979), Irit, Irit (Naftali Alter, 1985), Nadia (Amnon Rubinstein, 1986), The Owl (Amnon Rubinstein, 1988), Lool (Boaz Davidson, 1988), Double Edge (Amos Kollek, 1992: co-editor: Vicki Hiatt), and Primal Justice (Amnon Zadok, 1997).


The Children Of Teheran

Directed by Yehuda Kaveh, 2007
המסע של ילדי טהרן
Rental English subs.

57 min.


Green Fields

Directed by Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, 1989
שדות ירוקים

92 min.

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