One Eye Wide Open

51 Minutes, 2009
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Photographer: Roni Katzanelson
Language: Hebrew
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Aner Preminger and Ami Drozd’s documentary traces artist, Zvi Lachman’s creative process. The director duo spent a decade shadowing Lachman and chronicling his work on his sculptures at his studio, the pieces’ journey to the exhibition space – and last but not least, the connection between the spectators and the artwork. Lachman explores the origins of his work, discusses working with perishable materials, and muses about the dissonance between the violent act of creation – or in this case, working with a blowtorch – and the end result’s softness and tenderness. In the process, Lachman also explains the act of observing an object through one eye, much like a film camera: keeping one eye shut so as to bring reality into focus; and the other, squinted – as if it were a shutter – so as to better notice light, shadow, and colour. The film earned a Special Mention at the Milan International Documentary Film Festival.

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