This is Sodom

1 hour and 30 Minutes and 23 seconds , 2010
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The brilliant cast of the Monty Python-inspired TV comedy satire show, A Wonderful Country (‘eretz nehederet’), brought in over half a million filmgoers to cinemas for their big screen debut, on its theatrical release. The film takes us through the final three days of Sodom in the runup to the city’s destruction at the hands of the Lord. Following a conversation with Abraham the Patriarch, God despatches a group of angels to save Abraham’s nephew, Lot. When Bera, King of Sodom, catches wind of that, he decides to impersonate Lot and from that point on, the plot thickens. Lot’s daughter and Bera’s son fall in love when all the while, the clock continues to run down towards the doomed city’s imminent demise, only in this retelling of the tale – it ends up escaping its grisly fate.

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